Quire 8 (ff. 60r-69v)

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In Turning a-Page-a-Day, the Latin text is shown, line-by-line, as found in the Book of Kells.

Frequently words are not separated and these are indicated by the use of a diagonal stroke (/); a ‘turn-in-path’ is indicated by three (///).

Abbreviations (e.g., ihs and xps) and spelling variations are shown in red, as is the use of the et-ligature (&) at the end of a word. Other features, such as variations from the standard Vulgate text, are also in red.

The Vulgate spellings are shown in the adjoining box (other unusual features are also noted here).

Next, there is a line-by-line translation of the Gospel text.

In the box to the left, black numerals show the relevant Eusebian Sections (ancient text divisions used in Kells). Beneath these, numerals in red indicate the Canon Table to which the sections belong.

Then follows a discussion of the Scribe-Artist’s handling of the Gospel text. This includes layout, initials, and calligraphic highlights as well as noting any additions that belong to his second campaign of work.

Beginning each entry is the folio number followed in brackets by the quire number and the page to which it is joined (bifolium). Below this is the chapter and verse reference, and a summary of the Gospel text.


f. 60r

f. 60v



f. 62r

f. 62v

f. 63r

f. 63v

f. 64r

f. 64v