Our understanding of the Book of Kells has been radically altered by the work of Irish scholar Donncha MacGabhann.
His discovery that Kells was created by two remarkable individuals, the Master-Artist and the Scribe-Artist is at the heart of his groundbreaking book:
The Book of Kells – A Masterwork Revealed
(Leiden, 2022 –  sidestone.com/books/the-book-of-kells).

Hi, I’m Donncha – my research (PhD 2016) challenges the long-held notion that Kells was made by a large team of scribes and artists. Over the past sixteen years I’ve built up a range of resources, many of which are freely available here.

The website welcomes students, teachers, scholars, artists, and designers, as well as those interested in Gospel studies and Latin.
Hopefully, our engagement will stimulate discussion, prompt new research, and deepen our understanding of Kells and the Golden Age of Insular art.
Donncha MacGabhann